We’re Keeping Close Tabs on Sunny Rose – Here’s Why

New designers pop up everyday and quite a few of them are undoubtedly talented. Check out our series highlighting some of the major new and established brands you need to know .

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itsviralS: Why did you start your line?

I always loved fashion ever since I was a little girl, so I just followed my passion.

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itsviralS: What celebrities do you like to work with?
We have consistently worked with Dija. Dija is fun, trendy and very conservative and that’s what Sunny Rose encourages in women.
itsviralS: Who is the Sunny Rose woman?

The Sunny Rose woman is smart, strong, passionate and knows exactly what she wants. She takes charge and is a powerhouse full of confidence

itsviralS: Where do you get your style inspiration ?

I am inspired by everything around me, it could be the patterns of the leaves in the trees, or the colours of the fruits in the market. It can come from my emotions on a particular day or geometric shapes from buildings or a landscape.

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I am inspired by everything around me, it could be the patterns of the leaves in the trees, or the colours of the fruits in the market. It can come from my emotions on a particular day or geometric shapes from buildings or a landscape. 

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itsviralS: How would you describe your label?

Sunny Rose is multicultural, chic and timeless.

itsviralS: What do you believe should be the foundation of every woman’s wardrobe?

A black skirt and white shirt.

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itsviralS: Where can we purchase pieces from the brand?  

My pieces are available online, on Instagram @sunnyroseonline. Email info@sunnyroseonline.comThey are also available in Lagos @thestudiobysbyoumie 131 Ahmadu Bello way (Zen Decor building) VI, Lagos, Nigeria They are also available in Thailand @treasuresofficial The Commons 1st floor, Thonglor soi 17, Bangkok, Thailand

Follow them on Instagram  @sunnyroseonline

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